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Medijavanean on youtube

Medijavanean on youtube channel

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Medijavanean inside Rumah Indonesia

Medijavanean inside Rumah Indonesia

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Medijavanean as Cover in My Home 16 Edition

Medijavanean as Cover in My Home Megazines 16 Edition

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Mr Soesilo Testimonials

Mr. Soesilo testimonials...

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Dr Kondang Usodo

We loved my Medijavanean Style... :)

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Mrs. Lia

We were lucky to meet Mr. Shonny...

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About Us

When you decide to build a new home or renovation , we understand that you are making an important, life changing decision. We understand that you are embarking on this process with a vision, a dream. We work with you to realize that dream. The important things that we developed based on Indonesian atmosphire and culture including global fashion that's, "MEDIJAVANEAN"...

In the places where we live and work, design has a direct impact on our quality of life. Quality design starts with our listening to you and responding to your needs. We can integrate the complex issues of filosophy, function, esthetics, cost and schedule into the best overall solution for your situation. Quality design ends with you living in and enjoying the new natural spaces created.

Achmad Shonny Archaul is an architect with over 20 years experience in the professional and also over 15 years in the construction management. Shonny focus on client service and design excellence is reflected in the diversity of successful projects and many repeat clients. Shonny is personally involved in every step of the design process, from project inception and programming to design and cost estimation; through construction documents to construction phase services.

Shonny is an Architect by having his study from United State of America, which own designing philosophy that "Architecture is about the people, everything start from home, as much as it is about design phsicological and biological human needs. Ultimately our designs MEDIJAVANEAN came from, and are about the people are world wide who we design for and the people is Indonesian with tropically atmosphire."